Custom Features
Cabinets can be made in one piece to fully
customize to your needs.  We also build to
your widths.  With Cabinetry by Provines, you
are not limited to standard dimensions like
36", 24", or 18" found in most cabinet lines.  
We can combine cabinets of the same height
to make one complete piece.  This allows
unlimited sizing options to meet any size
Cabinetry by Provines delivers the cabinets
directly to the customer utilizing their own
fleet of trucks and drivers.  Every cabinet and
component is wrapped, packed and loaded
in-house to ensure your cabinets arrive in
new condition.  Most cabinet companies ship
by common carrier where the potential for
damage is greater.
We want you to have cabinetry that meets your needs and your style.  Our cabinets can be
customized to fit any design.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  Here is what you get in all
of our cabinetry:
We use only the finest woods to display the
hand craftsmanship of our work.  Woods to
choose from include Cherry, Red Oak, Maple,
Walnut, Knotty Pine, and White Birch.  Other
woods may be available upon request.
Back, Shelf, Top, and Bottom
1/4" veneered core plywood is used to make
the backs.
3/4" veneered core plywood is used to make
each shelf.
1/2" veneered core plywood is used to make
the top and bottom of each cabinet.
There are a variety of panel designs and
edge details to choose from.  Take a look at
our Door Styles page to see several different
The interior of each cabinet is made of
natural maple.  When glass doors or open
shelves are chosen, a wood specie and
finish matching the exterior are used.
Unfinished Ends are made using a 1/2" thick
veneer core plywood with a Maple interior.  
Finished Ends are 3/4" thick and flush with
the frame.
Exterior areas of cabinets are stained.  We
use a four-step process for all of our
staining.  The stain is hand-wiped, varnish
sealer is applied, and then the surface is
hand sanded.  Finally, a catalyzed varnish top
coat is sprayed on to provide a tough,
moisture resistant finish.  The interior area
has a natural finish unless it is a glass door
cabinet or open shelf.  For deluxe finishing,
we hand rub our finish both inside and out.
Face Frame
Face Frame is made of 1 3/4" x 3/4" solid
wood.  Frame joints are made by gluing the
dowels and then inserting them to provide
maximum strength.